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Selective collection

We create the most appropriate Procedure for the needs of any Waste Producer. Companies, individuals, schools, universities, neighborhood communities, housing estates and industrial estates can all benefit from selective collection, which is defined as the process of separating waste and depositing it in different containers so that they can be collected and subsequently recycled.

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After a long preparation and thanks to the work of our collaborators and their associates. The 3-month pilot soon begins in a town in Castilla la Mancha (Spain) in one of the great projects that Ecolyser has underway and to which it belongs. On this occasion, the operation of several smart containers connected through a mobile application developed by Greenyng will be launched, in which you can receive very interesting benefits and discounts.

The goal of Ecolyser is to contribute to a complete change when it comes to recycling and that our waste has a value for all people who use our services, technologies, or collaborations. Trying to reach the maximum number of people to create a much healthier and more stable environment for our future generations. We try to reduce pollution on our planet that is at uncontrolled levels. For this, it is about encouraging the use of our platform. In addition to reducing to ZERO the waste that is thrown into the landfill and reducing Co2 emissions in all management processes.

Ecolyser is a platform dedicated to the management, recovery and marketing of certain wastes to which it is authorized to treat and transport.

Thanks to its partners, collaborators and services, it offers optimal and much more profitable recycling for the user and the environment itself.

In order to offer our services and products, it is a matter of generating the least possible contamination, such as: Waste is collected from smart containers installed in towns and cities with electric vehicles and large volumes are stored so that future transport of these can be done a more optimal way.


We carry out patents and associated services. We always try to make the most of the materials we use to build the products we sell and we take care of collecting the waste when it is unusable for future reuse.


All the waste we manage is properly stored until it is transported to its final destination, such as: recycling plants, ecological destruction plants and the like. We try to have 100% of our waste recycled or destroyed, but we never allow it to be disposed of in the sea, mountains, or large garbage dumps.

If Greenyng and Ecolyser have not yet reached your location:


Ecolyser has several services and products available that may interest you, you can always contact us in the way you prefer be it networks, email or phone.

All processes are governed by the ISO14001 Standard, we document all the traceability of the waste, that information will be available to you at all times.

Contact us at and tell us what you are concerned about or what your question is.


Our goal is to reduce the rate of waste that is sent to the landfill, for this, we value all the waste that can be used again in the industry: Paper and Cardboard, Plastics, Cooking Oil, etc. On the other hand, Organic waste more than 50% of what we throw into the landfill, we create it and execute the Plan to reduce the discharge of this waste.


All the processes necessary for waste management are tried to be carried out in such a way that Co2 emissions are radically reduced. For this we bet on: The digitization of all processes, collected with non-polluting vehicles, manual recovery, separation at source by means of intelligent containers and domestic recycling modules that optimize space.

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